About Our Team

Our team is on a mission. Jeff and the team are dedicated to improving the lives of the children in Haiti. Jeff is an unbelievably hard worker and devoted Christian. His strong faith has led him to this powerful calling. His relentless commitment and sense of purpose is inspirational.

Rusty Uland

Rusty saw a need and envisioned a solution to meet the need. Rusty designed the Aquaponic systems and worked hard to bring his vision of feeding the kids at the schools to life.  

In Partnership with

Remile Casimir
Senior Pastor

Baptist Christian Faith Church,
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

In 1988, Remile Casimir started the Christian Faith Church in Port-Au-Prince. Today he oversees more than sixty churches, forty schools, together comprising roughly 17,000 members. Please pray for Haiti as Remile Casimir continues serving the Lord Jesus Christ.